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Shurley English Workbook Level 1

  • Published by: SHURLEY ENGLISH


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Jingle based - see it - hear it - say it - do it method.

The Shurley Method has been successfully teaching students for nearly 30 years.

Founded on the principles of retained learning.

Scripted direct instruction.

As homeschool educators, you have an important responsibility to choose the curriculum that best meets the needs of your children.

Homeschool Student Workbook:
The student workbook is divided into several sections: a Jingle Section, a Reference Section, a Practice Section, and a Test Section.

The Jingle Section contains all the jingles. This section has been expanded to include several more jingles than the first edition.

The Reference Section has also been expanded. It includes vocabulary words, guided practices, samples, guidelines, and charts.

The Practice Section is new. This section provides extra practice on the various skills taught before the skills are tested.

The Test Section contains the tests for each chapter.

Each test is divided into four basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills, and a summary of things learned for the week.

Some of the assignments given in the practice and test sections require students to respond on notebook paper.

Writing is presented at least once a week, and more writing-related skills are taught in each chapter.

New vocabulary, library, and dictionary skills have been added to every level.

We have had very positive responses from homeschoolers that have used the new
homeschool edition. They love having different sentences for the Introductory, Practice,
and Test sentences. In the first edition and the homeschool edition, parents put the
Introductory and Practice sentences on the board to give their children oral and visual
practice. The test sentences in both series are provided in the student workbook.
Parents have asked for more sets of sentences with fewer sentences in each set. We now
present three sentences in each introductory set, and two or three sentences in each
practice set. We also have two or three sentences in each test set. We have provided more
sets of sentences for students. Students have approximately eight to twelve sentences per
week to classify. This will keep the grammar at a fast pace without being overwhelming.
Some parents prefer working with students without the aid of a dry-erase board. Since
sentence sets are shorter, parents can put them on paper.
The Practice Booklet has both the Introductory and Practice sentences enlarged for
student participation on paper.

The new Homeschool Edition is a little more advanced than most curriculums, but we
normally recommend starting children in their appropriate grade levels. To
combine children, you must consider maturity and reading and comprehension

You can usually combine children if they are only one grade apart (5th and 6th, 3rd
and 4th, etc.).

You will not need a separate writing program.

The writing in the new homeschool series is very comprehensive.

Students are taught how to write paragraphs in the four major areas of writing: Expository, Persuasive, Narrative, and Descriptive.

Then, they are taught how to expand their paragraphs into essays.

Writing is built into every chapter.

Students will have writing and/or a writing-related activity every week.

Students are given a pattern for each area of writing.

They learn how to expand the writing pattern into paragraphs and essays.

It is very concrete but allows for creativity.