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PEARSON Forensic Science Bundle/Kit

  • Published by: PEARSON EDUCATION


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Grades 6 thru 9

Bundle includes:

  • Student Text
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Student Handbook
  • Forensics Video DVD

Forensic Science introduces students to the science of solving crimes.

Students will learn about cutting-edge forensic science practices and procedures, such as DNA profiling, digital imaging, and crime scene reconstruction.

With relevant content, engaging explorations, and a wealth of hands-on activities, Forensic Science engages you and your students in the science behind solving crimes.

Forensic Science is meant for a younger audience.

However, this doesn't mean the content is watered or dumbed down.

On the contrary--each of the four chapters contains everything needed to not only engage the reader, but to lay a very solid foundation for further study in the subject.

Pearson has taken pains to place colorful graphics and photographs on every page.

The writing is straightforward, and color, bolding, bullets, and highlighting help to draw the reader's eye to important words and concepts.

Every Chapter includes a Discovery activity to find out the answers to common forensic questions related to that chapter, a skills activity that challenges students to think like scientists, a skills lab where they measure or analyze something, at home activities, and math exercises directly related to their investigations.

There are also passages for the students to read, and vocabulary at the beginning of each chapter.

Many of the activities can be tied to national science standards, and the units in Forensic Science can definitely be used as a motivating reward during the homeschool year.

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