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STEM Science Workbook - Kindergarten


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Engaging hands-On Challenges Using Everyday Materials

Includes 9 STEM challenges that support Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Process

Immerses students in planning, building or investigating, analyzing, and reflecting throughout each challenge

Targets Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts

  •  Correlated to NGSS

STEM: Engaging Hands-On Challenges Using Everyday materials was designed to walk through exciting STEM challenges step-by-step! This series provides grade-level appropriate student challenges guaranteed to stimulate students as they ask, imagine, plan, create (build), test, and improve. In each challenge, students will be making sense of phenomena and/or designing solutions to a problem as they build a clearer understanding of science and engineering practices (SEPs), disciplinary core ideas (DCIs), and crosscutting concepts (CCCs).

Each exploration in this book provides students with meaningful experiences to help them to understand particular concepts by using three sequential steps: a set of introductory and cross-curricular activities, two small-group centers, and a science or engineering challenge. This progression of activities is designed to introduce students to new concepts, to give them hands-on experience with those concepts, and to challenge them to use what they learned to solve a related problem.