Greek & Roman Mythology


The Mark Twain media book Greek and Roman Mythology profiles the myths developed in the Greek and Roman civilizations as humans tried to explain how the world an all its wonders were created. The book integrates geography, mythology, storytelling, and creative writing to help students see how myths from ancient times are still ingrained in literature, art, architecture, music, and everyday speech. Students will learn about the Olympian gods and goddesses, the labors of Hercules, the Trojan War, the Odyssey, the founding of Rome, and much more. Each lesson includes a reading selection with background information on important people or characters and events, as well as a Knowledge Check activity page. These pages are focused on developing reading comprehension skills with matching, multiple choice, and short-answer questions. Maps, pronunciation guides, and correlations between Greek and Roman gods help students with unfamiliar vocabulary and concepts. The research and discussion prompts give opportunities for creative and informational writing. Puzzles and graphic organizers provide additional review opportunities.

Activities promote reading comprehension and critical thinking

Includes pronunciation guides and correlations between the Greek and Roman gods

Provides prompts and topics for individual and small-group discussion

Includes opportunities for student research and presentation of findings

Correlated to current national, provincial, and state standards.

  • Published by: CARSON DELLOSA


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