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GLOBE Foundations In U.S. History Bundle/Kit

  • Published by: PEARSON EDUCATION


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Grades 8 thru 11

Bundle Includes:

  • Hardcover Student Textbook
  • Answer Key


REGULAR PRICE - $66.57!! - Might you call that a MIGHTY BIG DEAL?! 


-Primary source documents enable students to experience history first-hand, while an engaging narrative helps students understand how the past connects to issues that are still relevant today.

-History concepts, social study skills, and writing assignments are woven throughout an easy to follow unit design, with clear objectives, key to vocabulary words, and study hints.

-The inviting narrative approach and clear presentation helps ensure that students of different ability levels succeed.

Presenting a balanced approach, Unites States History reflects the diversity of our nation in a manner that is relevant to all students.

Culturally diverse information is woven into every chapter, enabling all students to understand their historical roots.

A Complete U.S. History Curriculum that reflects the Diversity of Our Nation!

Foundations in United States History provides a complete U.S. History curriculum for your home schooled student by integrating high interest U.S. History content, social studies skills, and a student focused design.

America's most powerful events come to life as students discover the drama and impact of history through inspiring words, authentic documents, dramatic images, and compelling experiences.

In a format that is both challenging and accessible, the text presents an excellent blend of the historical, social, and political aspects of U.S. History.

Helps students construct a personal perspective on history through suggested hands on activities and projects.

A Note from one of our curricula advisors:

This text has a copyright of 1999 - We very much like and recommend this text in spite of the copyright date.

Keep in mind the value of this course and text as well as the fact that "History Doesn't Change"- oh, yes, revisionists try to edit history with political correctness applied - but for 'real' US history without a political slant and editorial content by Authors with differing viewpoints than most homeschool families - this text is ideal. For a "Just the facts, ma'am" course - consider this one.

This text contains just that - the facts.

You and your student can make up your own minds regarding the position you and your family wish to take regarding events in history and their respective impact on US citizens lives and how these events shape our future and where we are in this Nation currently.

Senior Advisor