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Switched On Schoolhouse Civics

  • Published by: ALPHA OMEGA


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Give students a civics course they are sure to love with the attention-grabbing activities and colorful illustrations in SOS Civics.

This course explains the foundations and structure of the American government, state and local governments, leadership roles, worldwide politics, the election process, economics, and comparative governments.

Want a civics course your student will love? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need - Switched-On Schoolhouse Civics for grades 7-12! This colorful, computer-based course covers comprehensive topics such as government types, leadership roles, economic systems, politics, and much more. Filled with step-by-step lessons, this civics course will give your child a better understanding of American government and the roles of individual citizens. And to engage your child in learning, SOS offers attention-grabbing multimedia tools in each daily lesson! Imagine your child learning with helpful video clips, 3-D animation, and interactive learning games. It's the perfect combination of education and entertainment. Really, what could be better?

And that's not all. SOS also offers cutting-edge tools to make homeschooling parents' lives easier too! How many times have you wished for more time with your child, but you're just too busy doing paperwork and planning? Well, your wish just came true. SOS offers automatic grading and lesson planning! Finally, you'll be able to focus on what's really important in homeschooling - your child. This award-winning curriculum will do all the busy work for you. Sound like a life-saver? It really is. And you can always be assured your student is learning high-quality academics designed especially for your junior high or high school student.