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Common Core - Basic 1/2 Year Bundle/Kit - 7th Grade *CCS



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8 Subject -  Recommended for Half Year Program

This package provides targeted practice in each subject to SUPPLEMENT your full-year program.

Bundle Includes:

  • Core Skills Math
  • Core Skills Writing
  • Core Skills Language Arts
  • Social Studies - US History by Walch
  • Core Skills Science
  • Core Skills Reading Comprehension   
  • Vocabulary
  • Test Prep
  • Answer Keys
  • Lesson Schedule

Core Skills offers comprehensive skills practice in a workbook format.
Varied lessons target specific skills in key curriculum areas.
Units and lessons break subject areas into manageable pieces, and ample practice ensures mastery.
English/Language Arts and it's subtopics & Mathematics workbooks are aligned with Common Core Standards

Math - 153 pages
Build math skills through meaningful practice and problem solving.
Core Skills: Math provides strategies and an organized approach to problem solving helping children build a thinking-based process to solving math problems.

Language Arts - 122 pages
Designed to develop and reinforce language skills, the simple-to-use targeted practice pages in this series encourage learners to communicate effectively. The workbook format presents only one skill per page, beginning with the grammatical rule and specific examples that model the activities to follow.
-Varied exercises present skills in different contexts
-Comprehensive resources cover all areas of language arts
-Ideal as an overall review or as targeted practice of a specific skill
-More than 100 lessons

Writing - 128 pages
Writing is a key to success in school and in life, but many writing programs fail to engage students and encourage them to think and write clearly, apply a wide range of strategies, and critique their own work.
For writers of all abilities.
Targeted lessons focus on specific writing skills, and extension activities encourage students to write creatively by applying the skills they have learned.
-Includes the seven traits of writing
-Guides students through the writing process through the four units (Laying the Foundation, Building Sentences, Building Paragraphs, and Writing Forms
-Graphic organizers are provided to help students organize their thoughts before writing and to evaluate their writing
-Clear explanations, bulleted hints, and helpful questions enable students to actively review and improve their writing
-The program helps prepare students to succeed on the writing portion of standardized tests
-A scoring rubric makes it easy to analyze student writing

Reading Comprehension - 152 pages
Meaningful practice actively involves students in reading while engaging and developing reading comprehension skills.
Each reading selection features scenarios to which students can relate.
Following the reading passages are exercises to apply comprehension skills in context while improving vocabulary.
-Multiple-choice exercises build test-taking skills
-Exercises include 35 skills covering all aspects of reading comprehension
-Short, age-appropriate reading selections engage reader's interest

Science - 132 pages
This engaging series covers the basics of science instruction.
This General Science workbook provides informative readings and worksheets on a wide variety of topics in earth, life, and physical science.
Activities are logically sequenced, transitioning smoothly from basic comprehension of concepts to higher-order thinking skills.
-Scientific Vocabulary: Activities challenge students to show their understanding of scientific terms by a variety of methods, such as differentiating between words, and using them in meaningful sentences.
-Reading Skills: Comprehension questions ascertain that students understand what they have read and develop reading skills that pertain to science.
-Scientific Inquiry Skills: Students will learn the basic skills of scientific inquiry, including hypothesizing, observing, experimenting, and classifying data.
-Critical Thinking: Activities increase students' ability to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate scientific information.
-Test Prep Questions: Science questions in standardized-test format help students in grades 3-6 prepare for state exams.

Social Studies - US History - 220 pages
Engage students with bite-sized lessons that can be completed in one session.
-Reinforces the basics of U.S. History
-Features activities, quizzes, puzzles, and an answer key that enables students to assess their own progress

Test Preparation - 172 pages
Provides an authentic test-taking experience as well as refreshing basic skills, familiarizing students with test formats and directions, and teaching test-taking strategies for standardized tests. Features test questions and models covering basic concepts in reading comprehension, math and language arts.

Vocabulary Workshop - First Course - Grade 7 - 236 pages

  • Words in Context
  • Analogies
  • Multiple Meanings
  • Synonyms, Antonyms
  • Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots
  • Word Origins