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Terra Nova / CTBS Survey Plus Grade 3 CTBS13



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This is one of the acceptable annual standardized tests that are required in some states for homeschoolers.

This test is optional in other states.

Many homeschoolers choose to conduct a standardized test yearly or every 2-3 years whether required by their home State or not.

The nominal cost, as well as the satisfaction of knowing how your student is doing in comparison with millions of public/private school peers from around the nation makes this an ideal assessment tool for any homeschooling family.

Only available February 1st through March 31st each year.

-You may order your test anytime after February 1 but before March 31,
-Prior to April 10, we'll forward the test materials to you via USPS PRIORITY Mail; test form (bubble sheet), instructions, test booklet(s), and all other necessary materials, as well as a pre-addressed return envelope.
All tests are due / must be returned postmarked by April 30.
Tests are then sent for computer scoring.

Test results will be forwarded to you via US Mail - First Class by the end of June.

Tests not postmarked by April 30 will not be sent for computer scoring.
Late tests will be hand-scored and will incur an additional $25.00 grading fee.