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Comprehension Plus Level E Bundle/Kit - Grade 5

  • Published by: PEARSON EDUCATION


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Bundle includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher Workbook

MCP Comprehension Plus provides instruction and practice in the major comprehension skills and strategies children need to derive meaning from written text.

The Student Edition Workbook and Teacher's Guide for each grade are designed to work in tandem to help your child master and apply these important comprehension skills.

Student Edition Workbook

Each lesson focuses on mastering a skill in context by providing meaningful reading experiences for your child.

Children are first introduced to the focus skill.

Then the skill is presented followed by guided practice that demonstrates the skill as well as an opportunity to apply the skill.

Finally, your child will read an engaging passage and apply the skill through activities.

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide features tools to help your child learn and practice comprehension strategies, study skills, and word study skills.

It includes a Scope and Sequence to help you identify when comprehension skills should be presented and taught.

Additionally, there is a Skills Index that details the contents in an easy-to-navigate chart so you can quickly reference skill areas for further instruction.

This section is followed by assessment tests you administer throughout the course to measure your child's proficiency in the skills taught.

These tests may be used as pre- or post-tests, depending on your child's needs and learning style.

The Teacher's Guide also includes a Record Keeping Chart and Progress Record Chart to track and measure your child's skills proficiency.

Following the test section are all your lesson plans.

Each lesson is structured in an easy-to-follow manner to provide you with complete and consistent instruction.

Finally, the back section of your Teacher's Guide includes all of the answers to questions in your child's Student Edition Workbook.