Focus on Reading Strategies Level F Workbook



Student Workbook 135 Pages

Focus on Reading Strategies
Create skilled, strategic, successful readers!

  • Directly teaches the active reading strategies research, has shown most actively improve reading comprehension
  • Direct instruction and practice of essential active reading strategies through text-dependent questions and tasks
  • Practice of reading comprehension skills
  • Development of vocabulary strategies
  • High-interest fiction and informational selections span a wide range of genres and topics
  • A variety of before, during, and after reading activities address multiple learning styles
  • Review lessons allow students to practice new skills and strategies
  • Listening lessons develop listening comprehension skills
  • Writing activities and review lessons assess progress

    Each lesson has six consistent sections that guide learning:

    1. Before Reading: Heads Up
    Students access prior knowledge to provide a framework for deeper textual understanding.
    2. During Reading: Think-Along Questions
    Readers interact with the text through questioning, predicting, and making connections.
    3. After Reading: Make Sense of Words
    Vocabulary Strategies build vocabulary and provide tools for independent reading.
    4. After Reading: Read with Understanding
    Multiple-choice questions, similar to those on state and national tests, provide practice for the targeted skill.
    5. After Reading: Understand by Seeing It
    Students use visual mapping strategies with a variety of graphic organizers.
    6. After Reading: Write to Learn
    Students demonstrate mastery of comprehension skills and reading strategies through writing activities.



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