Elementary Language Skills - Book F Grade 6


Elementary Language Skills - Book F


A Text-Workbook Core Curriculum that Integrates the Language Arts

Student Workbook - 128 pages

  • Provides the core curriculum of any elementary language arts program.

  • Applies grammar and usage to the writing process.

  • Unit themes focus lesson content.

  • Offers independent, self-contained lessons in a consistent, two-page (facing) lesson format.

Student Texts--each unit is organized around a theme which unifies the grammar, usage, mechanics, and writing skills presented. The consistent two-page lesson format contains most, if not all, of the following sections:

  • Try It introduces the skill(s).

  • Fix It teaches proofreading and revising in relation to a particular skill.

  • Use It focuses on common usage problems.

  • Write It ends each lesson and fosters incorporating grammar and usage skills into students' writing.

  • Writing-Pad lessons at the end of each unit in Books C-F provide an opportunity for original writing while practicing the unit skills.
  • Published by: PHOENIX


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