ZANER-BLOSER WORD WISDOM Grade 6 Student Workbook


2017 Edition

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Word Wisdom will help students to unlock vocabulary in context as they discover the meaning of new words and phrases through using context clues and analyzing meaningful word parts.

Students will activate prior knowledge, use context clue strategies, and analyze roots as they learn to interpret unfamiliar words in any context. The words chosen for each level are "Tier Two" academic words that were selected based on word frequency studies; these words are unlikely to be learned through conversation but appear in written text across subjects.

This student book provides a year's worth of lessons that will help students unlock the meaning of 270 new vocabulary words through 9 thematic units with 30 words per unit. Units include individual lessons that feature a reading passage followed by a context clues strategy and then "Unlock the Meanings," "Process the Meanings," and "Apply What You've Learned" exercises. A review section and a practice test are given at the end of each unit.

This Grade 6 course includes 9 units on the themes of: communication, the body, personality, Earth, sky, water, movement, relationships, appearance, time, good and bad. Concepts covered include using context clues, learning specific Greek and Latin roots such as heir, her, gen lig, and others, developing specific reference skills, and more.

Grade 6.

The Teacher's Guide provides an example of a weekly plan and daily plan at the beginning of the book; it also includes annotated Student Edition pages with the answers overlaid. In the margins surrounding the student pages, teacher notes include an introduction with pre-reading discussion questions, as well as teaching tips that include model sentences and scripted questions (with answers) where applicable. The guide provides access to online "eResources" (which include graphic organizers and word cards) and points parents to a Word Wisdom app (NOT included- available for purchase separately). The back of the book includes additional activity ideas for each unit plus reproducible pre-test and post-tests for lessons and units.

This 6th grade kit includes:

  • Student Edition, 223 pages with dictionary, softcover. Non-reproducible; consumable workbook.

  • Published by: ZANER BLOSER


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