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PERFECTION LEARNING Biotechnology Bundle/Kit

  • Manufactured by: PERFECTION LEARNING

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Grades 6 thru 9

Bundle Includes:

  • Softcover Student Text w/CD
  • Answer Key

Designed for use as a text at the middle school level (grades 6-9) as a course in biotechnology, or as a supplementary text for a middle school life science course or as a supplementary text in a high school biology class.

The book contains six chapters, each comprised of several numbered Lessons and review questions, followed by one Student Mini-Lab, one Graphing Skills exercise, one Student Activity, and completed by a Chapter Review section of questions and a vocabulary review crossword puzzle.

A CD edition of the text is bound in, so that students can use it on a computer or eBook reader, as well as print the numerous hands-on student activities.

The outstanding features of Biotechnology: With Student Activities are:

-The author is an experienced teacher who developed the book for her own course in middle-school biotechnology; hence, all activities have been student tested; many can be used with students of differing abilities.
-Concise chapter Sections followed by brief sets of review questions allow for flexible lesson planning.
-Student Mini-Labs engage students in investigations that require inquiry skills and critical thinking.
-Graphing Skills exercises enhance comprehension of the material while strengthening students - skills at drawing and using graphs.
-Student Activities extend the information, challenging students to be creative and gain a deeper understanding of the material.
-Chapter Review sections reinforce facts and concepts in a variety of question formats, such as true-false, multiple choice, and short answer.
-The Vocabulary Crossword puzzle in each Chapter Review includes every boldfaced vocabulary term covered in that chapter.
-Abundant photographs, diagrams, and tables illustrate concepts in biotechnology.
-A complete Glossary defines all boldfaced vocabulary terms used throughout the book.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Biotechnology
Chapter 2 - Biotechnology in the Environment
Chapter 3 - DNA: Purpose, Structure, and Function
Chapter 4 - Mutations and Genetic Diseases
Chapter 5 - Genetic Engineering
Chapter 6 - Stem Cells and Cloning