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AMSCO Biology - The Living Environment Bundle/Kit

  • Manufactured by: PERFECTION LEARNING

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Grades 9 thru 12

Bundle Includes:

  •     Student Textbook - Soft-cover  
  •     Answer Key on CD 


Cellular Processes of Living Things

Maintenance in Living Things

Human Biology

Homeostasis and Immunity

Reproduction and Development

Genetics and heredity


Humans and the Environment

Laboratory Skills and Part D Labs

This fourth edition of Reviewing Biology: The Living Environment comprehensively reviews the National Science Standards-based Core Curriculum for NYS. 

The book is readily correlated with the standard textbooks for high-school-level biology.

The material in Reviewing Biology: The Living Environment is divided into ten chapters, each of which is subdivided into major topic sections. The book is abundantly illustrated with clearly labeled drawings and diagrams that illuminate and reinforce the subject matter.