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LIFEPAC Math Kindergarten Boxed Bundle/Kit

  • Published by: ALPHA OMEGA


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LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math lays a strong foundation in mathematics by explaining the principles of numbers in an exciting format.

Your students will learn and explore everything from subtraction, addition, and number recognition to directions and values.

Plus, a wide variety of activities instill these principles and skills into your student, allowing him/her to master the skills of mathematics, while preparing him/her for Alpha Omega's LIFEPAC Grade 1 curriculum.

Practice and application characterize the LIFEPAC Mathematics series, emphasizing mastery of basic mathematics concepts and skills as well as advanced concepts.

Grades 1-6 develop skills in counting, number relationships, number facts, place value, and computation.

For Grades 7 and 8, pre-algebra and pre-geometry are emphasized.

Having mastered these concepts, Grades 9-12 move on to the more challenging topics.