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Complete Deluxe Curriculum Package - 4th Grade

  • Published by: CCA
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So, you have a bright 4th grader in need of a curriculum?

You've come to the right place!

Educational prowess is what we're seeking -

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content)      

Our 4th grade DELUXE packages are stuffed full with:

A deluxe GENERAL MATHEMATICS course contained within a full-color, hardcover textbook by Houghton Mifflin is in this package. This awesome course is new and gorgeous! Your student will be covering such topics as: Place Value of Whole Numbers and Decimals, Multiplication & Division, Algebra, Measurement/Data and Graphing, Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication and Division of Fractions and Decimals, Geometry and Measurement, Ratio, Proportion, Percent, and Probability, Integers, Coordinate Graphing skills and a whole lot more.
An accompanying website with sections containing content exclusively for the parent or student is available for free with the use of this textbook course. The web site contains games, activities, test prep, manipulatives and demonstrations correlating to the textbook.
This is a very thorough and complete, "WOW this is nice", math course making it an easy course to teach and easy for your student to use. A teacher guide/answer key is included making this course, as we said, complete.

-A GENERAL SCIENCE text will be utilized and included in your student's deluxe science studies for this year. A New, full-color, hardcover text by Pearson Education and their Scott Foresman division. It's Up-to-date and complete with new technology content. Beautiful! Full color graphics and illustrations as well as many hands-on experiments to help 'lock-in' science knowledge.
But wait, that's not all! An accompanying STUDENT WORKBOOK is also included. An answer key to the text and workbook are tossed in to make this science formidable.

Then there's Extra stuff for our Deluxe package purchaser.
A Science Fun Kit is added to this year's science mixture. Our "expert" warehouse shipping guys and gals meander over to our science lab section and pick one of our science kits out exclusively for your child - OK - they pick one out of our stock, not necessarily for your child exclusively - most likely what we have the most of piled up on the shelf - BUT HEY! It's Eff - You - Enn - FUN! Deluxe materials and an honest description to boot - an awesome combo!

We're defining the word DELUXE here.

-U.S. GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY will be the topic for social studies this year. Your student's knowledge will be improved through the use of a brilliant, full color, hard cover text covering regions and people of our country.
This excellent, newly copywritten, text is by Pearson Education School Publishers - assuring excellence. You'll be developing his/her social studies skills with the Homeschool Supercenter's assistance.
He/she will be visiting numerous places in America, the different regions of our Land and learning about the history and culture along with the geographical makeup of those regions. It's going to be quite a trip!
The hardcover Student Textbook and Answer Key are included in this set.

-SPELLING is included this year too. Another newest copyright student edition workbook to accompany the reading program is in this package. You'll enable your student with spelling power! This is NOT just a list of words. NO! This course gets into critical thinking and spelling strategy skills, word usage, vocabulary, suffix, prefix, synonyms, some other kind of 'nyms' that us parents forgot about and a ton more. OK, not a ton, but plenty more activities are contained within this workbookset. An answer key is provided.

-We're also making sure that READING COURSE material is part of your child's learning. Whew, did we provide reading? Yessiree - plenty of it too! A reading course that'll almost assure mastery. Herein, you'll find a beautiful hard-cover student edition texbook rife with color, graphics and a student-friendly format with stories covering virtually every genre` of literary works for this grade level.
You'll ALSO receive a SET of STUDY SKILLS WORKBOOKS (2) to hone reading, study, word skills and writing skills. You're getting an excellent Language Arts course offering from the Homeschool Supercenter & Pearson Education for your child - we're talking Deluxe to the Max! And, yes ma'am... an answer key is also included.

-A highly recommended ENGLISH GRAMMAR course is here too! -Another fine offering in a write-in workbook format is here too! This portion of your student's Language Arts course contains a workbook covering every aspect of Grammar, English, and Writing. This is a worktext to accompany the very fine reading course offering as mentioned above and the other accompanying items inclusive of a complete Language Arts Course. There's a teacher's guide/answer key for parents too.

-The usual HANDWRITING course is also a part of our Language Arts offering. This is a write-in workbook. Ideal for skills practice in handwriting - traditional cursive - setting the handwriting standard.

-A great supplement is tossed in here too!
A State Study Guide - My State Supplement is included also.

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Folding File System (Grades 1-7), A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide...(& a nifty Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing is here too!)

That ought to just about do it.

This 4th grade Deluxe package will be 'the right thing' to prepare your student for 5th grade and higher!

Some bundles may contain curricula modified specifically for homeschool families. At times, there may be references to print or digital components that are not included within the homeschool bundle - fact is - there is so much content there's no need for the digital component.

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