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Complete Standard Curriculum Package - 1st Grade

  • Published by: CCA
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1st Grade - The beginning of a fantastic elementary journey!

Ready for Mastering the 3 R's? Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic!

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content) 

This school year, our 1st grade standard package has within it:

-A colorful, grade level MATHEMATICS course in a write-in workbook format is part of this year's course offerings.
This easy to use, grade level math course is written in a direct instruction style. No Common Core - Just Good Ole' Fashioned Arithmetic! We are including both a Student Write-In Workbook & Teacher's edition for a very fine - complete Math program! This course emphasizes basic math skills and problem-solving strategies while providing a solid math foundation... exactly what your student needs to master math!

-SCIENCE this year will be studied using a wonderful, new, Interactive Science, full-color science worbook covering the general sciences with lots of activities. This text covers; plants, human and animal growth, properties of sound and light, kinds of weather, seasons, the water cycle, health and much more. A teacher edition is available on-line to facilitate your use (we provide the log in credentials for you) and ALSO! The corresponding/accompanying Interactive Science Web Site typically reserved only for institutional use is provided for your use too! Yippeee!
AND... a SCIENCE FUN KIT! a mighty Magnet and Bug Jar for your little explorer.

-SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY will be studied using a full-color, softcover workbook as well as a fully integrated digital component - A DVD for teacher resources and a "mySTORY" DVD,
Your student will watch a "mySTORY" and then refer to the workbook to complete the lesson. Extra resources and activities are found on the Teacher DVD - allowing you to print out additional worksheets etc. Making Our Way is the title - you'll be covering the topics of; school, family, work, neighborhoods, communities and our country. Traditions, Good Citizenship and American Values are also covered.

-An ENGLISH/GRAMMAR course using a colorful workbook is part of this package as well. All the skills for; grammar and usage, sentences, mechanics, writing stories, study skills, word lists, and references will be studied as a part of the Language Arts Course selection.

-HANDWRITING must be included. Remember traditional manuscript? Good old fashioned writing? Block letters? Yeppers - that's what our students will be using to begin mastering handwriting. They'll be using a write-in workbook to assist them. Your children will be writing numbers, writing lower-case and capital manuscript letters and learning all the 'FUN'damentals of handwriting.

-No first grade package would be complete without PHONICS! This full-color student workbook provides experience recognizing and combining sounds in order to read; words, phrases, sentences, and stories. This course sharpens visual discrimination while strengthening reading comprehension skills.

-Also! Another PHONICS program for active students! Aren't they all active? This phonics, used in concert with the aforementioned phonics workbook, will help build skills in; phonics, reading, writing, spelling, listening, and oral language. This is a full-color workbook that has been recommended as one of the finest in the country by notable homeschool leaders.

-A colorful, phonics based, SPELLING workbook for your student is found in this package too. Spelling & Vocabulary, Spelling & Phonics, Spelling & Reading, Spelling & Writing , Spelling and...enough spelling already!

-26 FLUENCY READERS - All of them full-color - are provided to assist with the most important part of a youngsters educational progress...READING! Fluency is the emphasis - It's a series of 26 full color readers to assist with your child's reading mastery - use them throughout the year - over 'n over.

And... - READING COMPREHENSION... served up to you and your student is an excellent duo - a student and a teacher workbook - a set! covering Reading Comprehension skills and activities. This set is in full color with 100 pages of strategies for your child to derive meaning from reading.
The Teacher Edition contains tests, additional directives for the parent and of course the answers too.

-An excellent WRITING SUPPLEMENT is included to supplement your child's learning throughout the year as it directly relates to composition/writing. This is a basic writing skills workbook.

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Folding File System (Grades 1-7), A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide along with a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing.

A Wonderful Beginning!

Your student is on her (or his) way to educational EXCELLENCE!

Homeschool Supercenter's Standard First Grade - 1st Grade - Homeschool Curriculum Package / Homeschool Bundle

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