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Complete Standard Curriculum Package - 7th Grade

  • Published by: CCA
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Only 5 more years!

We're sure the days are being counted down!

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content)

The standard package for our 7th graders this year will include:

-a Full-Color GENERAL MATHEMATICS program for 7th grade - he/she will be summarizing elementary math concepts and will be introduced to the basic elements of algebra and geometry this year. This course consists of a full-color Textbook and a complete Solutions Manual - That's right a Solutions Manual with all the answers solved! Worked out! Just for you and your student to assist with mathematics mastery!
The NCTM, National Teachers of Mathematics group, recommends what topics should be included in each grade level math course - that's called standardized curriculum and this text meets all those grade level standards - be assured. Reviews and summaries of previously learned topics are presented throughout the course. New concepts are mastered prior to advancing to the next concept. Your goal this year? Competency! Goal achieved!

-SCIENCE this year will be studied using a very cool - student friendly, Full-Color Soft-cover Science work/textbook - YES! A write-in workbook just like a textbook. Or is that a write-in textbook, just like a workbook? Either way - it rocks!
Interactive Science! Interactive! Earth Because you will be provided with an access code - to enable you and your student to explore all sorts of activities and virtual science, teacher's materials, worksheets, tests, videos! yes! videos, as well as an abundance of extra stuff - all on the Web.
Your student will be covering every topic within Earth science imaginable!
Prentice Hall is the publisher providing the content from oceans to Mountains - a course that's up-to-date, with effective experiments to make learning fun! A vast amount of great illustrations, photos, great graphics and student-immersing activities make for an excellent science course.
We'll be including a full Answer Key as well.

-WORLD GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY & CULTURE is at the forefront this year.
UNIQUE - Students love this!
Here's how it works... a DVD is presented to your student, he/she watches the video lesson on the DVD and then refers to the brilliant, full-color, hard cover, 1084+ page textbook.
There's also a Student Journal... a tool to help your child process and record what they have learned from the Textbook. As your child completes the activities and essays in their student journal, they will be creating their own personal resource for reviewing the concepts, key terms, and maps from the course. Students will be learning to master 7th grade skills in social studies. It's all here... History, Geography, Citizenship, Government, Culture, Early Peoples, Beginning of Civilization (Who's Gilgamesh?), The Fertile Crescent (Cyrus the Great? Who 'dat?) Ancient Egypt, Early Indian Civilizations, India's Empire, Ancient China, The Ancient Greeks... Yessir - And that's only the first 354 pages! There's a whole lot more here!
This publication is by Pearson Education/Prentice Hall and presented for your ultimate enjoyment by the Homeschool Supercenter. (had to get a plug in)
This Deluxe course includes an accompanying Student Journal Workbook corresponding to the Textbook - all for the purpose of helping your child to make a personal connection to the peoples and places of the World.
Oh my, yes ma'am... there's more -- the Parent/Teacher has his/her very own Teacher Resource DVD - with... well, let's put it this way...If you can think of extra stuff to do in World History this year, then all of that and a whole bunch more is on this DVD. Extra worksheets, activities, and plenty more as well as answers to all the extra activities you might choose to print out and utilize. Simply print an extra activity to go with the corresponding unit or section of the student text, hand it to your brilliant teenager, and smile as he/she devours it.
An Answer Key to the Workbook Journal is included.
There is not an Answer Key to the Textbook. That's because there is so much stuff for your teen to consider this year found on the Parent/Teacher's DVD - all which correspond to the textbook that, simply put, an answer key isn't necessary for the textbook. Your child will read the textbook, do the Journal activity, and any extra worksheets or activities you assign, you'll grade the Journal and activities - and that'll do it. A world-renowned History expert emerges! Hmmm, sounds like magic. (smile)

-An ENGLISH GRAMMAR course in a colorful worktext format - one that your student is able to write-in - is included as part of the Language Arts Course selection which covers all forms of Grammar, Usage and Mechanics. WRITING/COMPOSITION is included as part of the student work text. This course has just been updated whereby the publisher has added 2 new middle level programs. it's been so well received over the years for grades 3-6 that we just couldn't assemble a middle level package without including it.
There's a portion in the rear of the workbook which contains an entire handbook of language rules and skills as well as another separate part containing perforated pages for the parent/teacher to pull out and assign as extra work if there's a topic wherein the student could use a little more repetition to master that topic.
The Teacher's Edition for this Grammar course is within this package also.

-VOCABULARY replaces spelling this year. This course uses a write-in workbook format that covers much more than just vocabulary. This course incorporates reading skills, word usage and meaning, context, spelling, and analogies.
An Answer Key for vocabulary is in this package - for the teacher/parent.

-No! We didn't forget READING/LITERATURE. That's here too! A strategic Reading program containing selections of modern-day literary selections enjoyed by today's teens.
This volume brings non-fiction articles from newspapers, magazines & books on a variety of topics such as sports, jobs, trends and psychology - all designed to give the student more confidence in retaining and comprehending while reading. Reading, comprehension, literature and writing skills activities and assessment features are found throughout this workbook with...
Yes! - an Answer Key, Tests, & Quizzes.

Also! A standards-based, strategic, fiction reading program.
This is a soft cover format text allowing the teacher and student to evaluate the Plot, Main Idea, Point of View, Self-Assessment, and Listening activities.
And, this course arrives with an Answer Key.

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Folding File System (Grades 1-7), A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide along with a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing.

Only one more middle level grade to go!

TEENAGERS?! At least their education won't be any problem!

Homeschool Supercenter's Standard Seventh Grade - 7th Grade - Homeschool Curriculum Package / Homeschool Bundle