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Complete Standard Curriculum Package - 10th Grade

  • Published by: CCA
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10th grade is just beginning and 11th is on the horizon...

No problem this year!

10th grade will be a breeze

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content) 

Your curriculum package will consist of:

-A MATHEMATICS program that includes a full-color Geometry textbook with a Teacher's Edition and All-in-One Student Workbook. The ideal math setup!
 No need for an answer key here because each problem is worked out to completion in the Teacher's Edition.

 A textbook, a workbook, and a  Teacher's Edition - now that's a geometry course! Once your student masters this course it's on to Algebra II next year.

-The selection this year for his/her EARTH SCIENCE course includes a full-color textbook for studying the Earth & Space Sciences. It's content is easily accessible, a brand new copyright and is equally as easily digested by all 10th year young adults. Your student will be studying geology, earth's water sources, the atmosphere, the stars, planets and much more. With easy understanding, great graphics and illustrations and solid content built into this activity based Science series your student will find this course both interesting and entertaining.
-Emphasis on science skills and verbal skills to provide a strong formula for science competency
-Manageable skill introduction and lesson structure builds science knowledge in a logical sequence
-Relevant illustrations aid retention and bring Science to life
-Laboratory experiments offer practical knowledge and include important safety tips
Of course we include the Answer Key as well.

-We must provide your student with SOCIAL STUDIES/HISTORY too! Lest we forget! This year's students will be studying World History using a full-color, hardcover text book with a plethora of pictures, maps, and activities. This is a very nice course receiving great reviews. This textbook covers over 8,000 years-from the beginning of human society to contemporary times. Your student will be on a journey with stops on a timeline to aid in the study of every notable event in world history. With an easy-to-read format, this text encourages students to read and gain more understanding about the world in which they live.
An Answer Key is included to make sure Dylan or Ashlyn, or whomever, have mastered this course.

-ENGLISH GRAMMAR will be considered utilizing a Grammar Handbook - a Full-color Hardcover Textbook included as part of the Language Arts Course selection covering all forms of Grammar, Usage and Application, as well as WRITING/COMPOSITION, and Structure. Included within this text are writing application assignments in addition to Speaking applications!... Say what? Might as well start practicing now to be next politician running for office.
This course comes all bundled neatly together with both the Textbook & an Answer Key!

-A complete VOCABULARY course, in a write-in workbook format is part of this package. This course incorporates correct definitions, application, and word usage. Found within this excellent program are the Vocabulary necessities one needs to have mastered for high scores on the ACT or SAT.
An answer key is provided for you as well!
Yes! We're rockin' this year's Language Arts offerings.

-READING/LITERATURE That's here too! You'll receive in this package - a complete anthology of literary works, both classic and contemporary, covering every genre' of literature imaginable. It's presented in a worktext format that allows the parent/teacher and student to evaluate much more than comprehension, main ideas, details & inferences. Much more? There are; Embedded reading strategies for each reading selection with explicit instruction on how to apply a specific reading strategy to each stage of the reading process. There's also standardized test practice to demonstrate essential reading skills and gain confidence in testing situations as well as Vocabulary builders with strategy instruction to help decipher difficult words along with Web-based activities consisting of Interactive reading practice on-line.
It's quite a literature/reading program - quite nice that is.
Yes, we provide an Answer Key for this excellent course as well.

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide along with a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing.

All Inclusive!

10th grade never looked better!

 Homeschool Supercenter's Standard Tenth Grade - 10th Grade - Homeschool Curriculum Package / Homeschool Bundle