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Complete Economy Curriculum Package - 6th Grade

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This is 6th grade...I want to make sure my son, James, gets the content he needs for middle school...

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content) 

What's not in an economy package that he's going to need?

Good question!

A few trips to the library and a well rounded reading program that you can easily assemble on your own would be helpful. Don't forget including him in on all your family activities and providing a few assignments that you put together on your own to supplement our economy curriculum package...that's it! Well...,
-There's no folding file system like there is in our standard packages to keep things organized - Who cares? you say? That's why we're econo-mizing here!

 There are no Study Guides or Supplements, a couple of really cool Homeschool Supercenter  imprinted pencils are missing, no ruler either, and the usual Record Keeping Forms, Report Card form, Transcript Form, and few other things aren't here.
This package isn't as pricey because we put the more expensive texts and extra goodies into our standard and deluxe, more expensive packages!
That only makes sense doesn't it?

All the CORE content is here! and for some that's all they want.

-MATHEMATICS is always going to be part of every package. This course doesn't include a hard cover, super fancy, mathematics text. It does include a really nice 2-color  workbook covering all the skills needed at this level according to the N.C.T.M. That's an acronym for a group of math teachers that tell us what should be taught at each grade level. Answer Key? But of course! That's in here as well.
 - One program consists of a set of full-color workbooks for learning Math entitled: Head for Home Math. This course provides your student with 3 workbooks covering all the subtopics of mathematics for this level from Novice, to Intermediate, and then Advanced, it's all covered! And you'll get the answer key too. No skimping on educational content!

 -A couple of real nice full workbook covering grade level content in SCIENCE is here for your student. This workbook is well written, covers not only the basics but much more. This course is thorough and most assuredly effective.
Not too much content...not too little... like GoldiLocks said: "Just Right!" And, as always - our science courses are activity based (Experiments help lock in content knowledge) and include an Answer Key for Mom and Dad.

-What if we integrated a workbook to assist with his/her studies in SOCIAL STUDIES / HISTORY this year? OK! That's what we did! Your student will be using a full-color workbook covering World Cultures from the Past to the Present. Your student will be learning all about the dIfferent continents and people of those lands while touring the World. We include an answer key for the parent/teacher.

 Ancient Civilizations and Cultures (an ideal companion to the student workbook mentioned above) is being included for parents and students alike. 

-An ENGLISH GRAMMAR course in a 2-color workbook format is included as part of the Language Arts. This workbook covers all forms of grade-level Grammar, Usage and Mechanics. An Answer Key is tossed in as well.

-A staple in all of our economy packages is the very popular, phonics based SPELLING & WRITING course, also in a write-in workbook format. This course incorporates correct spelling, definitions, application, and writing/word usage. An answer key is bound into the back of this workbook.

-No! We didn't forget READING / LITERATURE. That's here too! A workbook and answer key covering all the needed skills in reading, decoding, understanding, writing structure, and comprehension. The book is full-color to make it friendly, presentable, motivating, and interesting. There's an answer key for parents - now doesn't that help ease your stress? We hope so.

-We're not done... no, no, no. We must have your young adult work on his/her Reading skills even further! So, we are packing more content into this package. A 3 book set of READING workbooks is also provided. Yes - 3 of 'em - covering the topic of reading from the Novice level through to the Advanced level. Reading enjoyment is nurtured through the high-interest content - All that the things that reading entails... it's included in this fine, full-color workbook set to sharpen your his/her skills.

-AND a Full-Year suggested schedule as well as a Student Notebook Planner is in here too!

No worries Mom - Your son James is going to be just fine...

we can see it now -

James for President!


Economy packages contain the bare minimum materials to meet requirements. Parent/teachers should understand that students using an Economy Package need to have additional and supplemental activities added to his/her school day for better understanding and final mastery of the topic(s) presented. Grade 6+ economy packages are typically not suited for a 4 year University-bound student. See the link to the lower left: "Economy? Standard? Deluxe ?"

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