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Complete Economy Curriculum Package - 5th Grade

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We're Econo-mizing!

That means that we are including the best publications for the lowest price all packaged/bundled together complete with a weekly schedule to assist you.

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content)

ALL THE CORE COURSES ARE HERE! and for some that's all they want.

-MATHEMATICS is always going to be part of every package. This course doesn't include a hard cover, super fancy, mathematics text. It does include a really nice 2-color workbook covering all the skills needed at this level according to the N.C.T.M. That's an acronym for a group of math teachers that tell us what should be taught at each grade level. Answer Key? But of course! That's in here as well.
 - One program consists of a set of full-color workbooks for learning Math entitled: Head for Home Math. This course provides your student with 3 workbooks covering all the subtopics of mathematics for this level from Novice, to Intermediate, and then Advanced, it's all covered! And you'll get the answer key too. No skimping on educational content!

-An excellent workbook covering content in all the topics of SCIENCE from motion and machines to animal and life - it's here for your student. This Full-Color, dynamic and exciting softcover workbook covers all the basic concepts, is most complete and assuredly effective. And, as always...our science courses are activity based - so you'll find plenty of 'at-home' style experiments - making this a hands-on science workbook. An Answer Key is bound into the workbook.

-What if we integrated a workbook set to assist with his/her studies in SOCIAL STUDIES / HISTORY this year? OK! That's what we did! This course consists of a workbook covering this Nation's(USA) History as well as Geography. You can be sure it contains all the standards-based content your student is required to learn - and of course you get an Answer Key
Additionally, A Guinness World Book of Records 50 States text - a full-color student workbook featuring a 2 page spread of each State with a Guinness World Record set in each state - along with teaching facts about each state. And, Answers are definitely included.

-An ENGLISH GRAMMAR course in a 2-color workbook format is included as part of the Language Arts. This workbook covers all forms of grade-level Grammar, Usage and Mechanics. Don't forget! An Answer Key for parent/teacher is included.

-A very popular, phonics based SPELLING course, also in a write-in workbook format, is part of this package. This course incorporates correct spelling, definitions, application, and writing/word usage. The answers are provided so that all of us parent/teachers don't have to work our brains too hard first thing in the morning.

-No! We didn't forget READING... That's here too! A Reading program covering all the needed skills in reading, decoding, understanding, writing structure, and comprehension. It's a full-color workbook - enticing, presentable, motivating, and interesting. This workbook also has all the answers bound into the back of it.
Hmmm. "I always wondered whether my student is a beginning, intermediate, or an advanced grade level reader, said Ms. Jones. Or was it Mrs. Smith? Whomever... We have the answer for her and you!
We're including 3 different level -READING workbooks for use throughout the year. You'll know by year's end whether he/she is a Novice 5th grade reader or an Advanced 5th grade reading "Master".

-We now come to the final language arts sub-course - -READING COMPREHENSION. We have provided for your child, yet another course to assist with comprehension. By the same publisher as one of our math courses at this level, this workbook does as the title suggests - helps with reading and comprehension of subjects, main ideas, sequence and characters included in the stories. There's an Answer Key too!

-WORDLY WISE...  a Systematic Academic Vocabulary Development program, a favorite among homeschool families. This two-color workbook has been utilized for years in the homeschool setting. How Do You figure Out What a Word Means? That is exactly what your student will be learning using Wordly Wise 3000. 

-AND a Full-Year suggested schedule for the core courses along with a Student Notebook Planner for organizing and planning!

Economy yes!

Educational? But of course!

We wouldn't have it any other way. And neither would you.


Economy packages contain the bare minimum materials to meet requirements. Parent/teachers should understand that students using an Economy Package need to have additional and supplemental activities added to his/her school day for better understanding and final mastery of the topic(s) presented. Grade 6+ economy packages are typically not suited for a 4 year University-bound student. See the link to the lower left: "Economy? Standard? Deluxe ?"

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