CRITICAL THINKING Skill Sharpeners Grade 6


   Skill Sharpeners - Critical Thinking

144 full-color pages

Includes answer key

Critical thinking comes naturally to young children. They learn autonomy through exploration, observe their environment using logic and reasoning, try new things, and think creatively. As children grow and enter an academic setting, some of their natural curiosity and problem-solving instincts are not engaged as often as they could be. This practice book encourages children to “think about their thinking” through creative, analytical, and evaluative tasks.

Read All About It - The reading selections provide content for the theme-based activities that follow them. Children read the selections, paying attention to the photos, and discuss the topics with a parent or a friend.

Tell What You Know - The activities on these pages provide opportunities for children to connect their knowledge and opinions to the topic. Encourage your child to think about his or her experiences and support this or her curiosity by discussing the questions and topics together.

Critical Thinking Activities - The critical thinking activities are designed to engage children in application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluative tasks. The cross-curricular activities present science, math, social studies, and language arts content.

Art Projects and Hands-on Activities - The art projects and hands-on activities provide children with opportunities to use critical thinking skills to create. Encourage your child to tap into his or her creativity and innovation and to have fun with the hands-on activities. After your child completes each project, discuss the steps taken to create it. Encourage your child to explain what he or she enjoyed most and why.

Skill Sharpeners provides at-home practice that helps students master and retain skills.

Activities aligned with national and state standards

Assessment pages in standardized-test format

Full-color and kid-friendly

  • Published by: EVAN MOOR


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