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Complete Deluxe Curriculum Package - 1st Grade

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If you're  searching for 1st grade curriculum, then look no further!

A DELUXE package will be 'just the thing' for your student.

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content)

 Our 1st grade deluxe packages contain:

-a GENERAL MATHEMATICS course by Houghton Mifflin. This is a new, widely accepted and praised, full color, soft cover workbook. A workbook is the type of book in which your child can write.
You and your student will be covering all topics in grade level math from good old fashioned addition, to fractions, subtraction and matching, to early geometry skills. This is an extremely nice course with really cool
HANDS-ON MANIPULATIVES to assist with all the math disciplines required. Very thorough and complete. This set includes stories for use with selected lessons.

-A GENERAL SCIENCE course text will be utilized and provided for your student's deluxe science studies this year. A New, full-color, 270+ page, hardcover text PLUS a huge ACCOMPANYING WORKBOOK with Answers! by Pearson Education. Beautiful graphics and illustrations as well as many hands-on experiments to help lock-in science knowledge are contained within.
A Science Fun Kit is added to this year's science mixture. Our "expert" warehouse shipping guys and gals hop, skip, or jump over to our science lab section and pick out one of our science kits exclusively for your child - OK - they pick one out of our stock, not necessarily for your child exclusively - most likely what we have the most of piled up on the shelf - BUT HEY! It's Eff - You - Enn - FUN! DELUXE is the key word here.

-SOCIAL STUDIES this year will cover topics such as; why we go to school(or homeschool), reading calendars, following rules, sportsmanship, mapping skills, communities, countries and lands, Native Americans, early explorers(remember Columbus?) and all forms of culture and history. AND! biographies of famous Americans like Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Johnny Appleseed, Clara Barton and many more.
A brilliant, full color, hard cover, 270+ page text, by Pearson Education is utilized. This deluxe course includes a FREE ACCOMPANYING WORKBOOK with Answers! for your student.

-PHONICS is the foundation for excellent reading and learning. That's why we're including a single (phonics workbook for Sarah, or is it Bobby? Whomever. Provided for your student is a full-color phonics workbook covering all the basics and more for proper retention and mastery of phonetics and it's published by Sadlier Oxford, a staple of educational excellence.
With content such as sound pattern and phonemic awareness - this workbook covers all the lesson content students should be exposed to for proper training.
Additionally, plenty more phonics is incorporated into the awesome! Language Arts bundle as described below. Twice the phonics = twice the reading ability!

-SPELLING by Scott Foresman found within the Reading Street Program is here this year too. A workbook which includes high frequency words, word sequences etc. and spelling lists for better fundamental spelling is part of the 1st year content making up a portion of your Language Arts course selection further described below...

-An ENGLISH GRAMMAR/READING course can not be forgotten! The Scott Foresman Reading Street Homeschool set is included in this package.
The 1st Grade Reading Street course includes:
Student Edition Package with 6 Volumes(5 hardcover - 1 softcover), a Teacher Resource DVD, Guide on the Side Teacher's Guide & an ExamView Assessment Suite CD-Rom.
Reading Street delivers classic and soon-to-be classic literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a wealth of groundbreaking experiences.
This 6-volume student textbook set features high-quality, authentic literature organized around units. Reading selections emphasize comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills and offer opportunities for cross-textual reading in content areas.
Six units with six weekly lessons each span across the Student Edition volumes. These weekly lessons focus on a Big Question that connects all reading, vocabulary, and writing for a full six weeks to help your child reach a deeper level of understanding.
Each week, the main reading selection and the paired reading selection in each unit allows your child an opportunity to read across texts and find support for the different genres such as biographies, fables, folk tales, fairy tales, and more.
Think Critically questions follow the main reading section followed by Meet the Author/Illustrator which brings a face and story background to their reading.
Vocabulary and Fluency is covered in the Let's Learn It section of each lesson. Teaching tips are embedded along the way under the Objectives icon on each lesson page to guide you and your
child throughout the lessons.
The Teacher Resource DVD includes all of the instruction materials you will need.
-Activities and worksheets by unit and subject such as Vocabulary
-Practice Books for parents and students with daily activities such as games, quizzes, reading and writing exercises matched to each unit and lesson week
-Teaching Guides for each unit that include Blank Lesson Planners and Scoring Rubrics for Writing
WHEW... There's more!
ExamView Assessment Suite CD
This easy-to-use Assessment Suite software allows you to create, customize and print tests. It will allow you to analyze the test results and prescribes reteaching activities when needed.
This includes:
-Baseline tests
-Fresh Reads from Fluency and Comprehension
-Weekly Tests
-Unit and End-of-Year Benchmark Tests
...A complete READING program by Pearson for your 'little angel'.

-HANDWRITING will be practiced using the widely accepted traditional manuscript. Another colorful workbook - 'just dandy!' for your student.

Great stuff for great kids!

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Folding File System (Grades 1-7), A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide...(& a nifty Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing is here too!)

What more could anyone ask for?
It's nothing but the best for your student!

No more guesswork when choosing curriculum!