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Complete Deluxe Curriculum Package - 2nd Grade

  • Published by: CCA
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What a year this is going to be!

A Great year begins with a great curriculum package!

A DELUXE package will be ideal for your student.

(All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content)
Our 2nd grade deluxe packages contain:

-A GENERAL MATHEMATICS course by Houghton Mifflin. This is a new, full color, soft cover workbook. A workbook is the type of book in which your child can write. Write, right in the book.
You and your student will be covering all topics in grade level math from good old fashioned addition, to fractions, subtraction and matching, to early geometry skills. This is not only new but, it's an extremely nice course with really cool MANIPULATIVES to assist with all the math disciplines required. Your child's own manipulative case with an assortment of money, counters, cubes, and many other pieces to assist in learning is provided, making this math course very thorough and complete.

-A GENERAL SCIENCE text will be utilized and included in your student's deluxe science studies for this year. A New, full-color, 270+ page, hard cover text by Pearson. Beautiful! Full color graphics and illustrations as well as many hands-on experiments to help lock-in science knowledge.
A Science Fun Kit is added to this year's science mixture. Our "expert" warehouse shipping guys and gals hop over to our science lab section and pick out one of our science kits exclusively for your child - OK - they pick one out of our stock, not necessarily for your child exclusively - most likely what we have the most of piled up on the shelf - BUT HEY! It's Eff - You - Enn - FUN! Deluxe materials and an honest description to boot - an awesome combo!
We're defining the word DELUXE here.

-WORLD HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY is the topic this year for your child. A brilliant, new copyright, full color, hard cover text set covering regions and people of our world is what your student will be using to master second level social studies skills.
You'll be visiting numerous places and learning about the region's people. It'll be a field day every day!
This publication is by Scott Foresman - assuring excellence. The Student Text and Workbook are included in this set. Presented for you and your student's enjoyment, by the Homeschool Supercenter. (makes us feel good to say that)

-SPELLING is included this year too. Spelling is part of the Language Arts All-in-One workbook we're providing with the reading program offering in this Deluxe package. Your child will be learning reading using a phonics-based publication by Pearson/SF to give your student spelling power!

-2 - Yes, we said TWO PHONICS COURSES, presented in the form of write-in workbooks are part of your students' Language Arts Course selection. Being that phonics mastery is so very important we concur with parents in stressing the study of phonics. That's why we'll be sending you 2 workbooks, one is inclusive with the All-in-One workbook and the other is a full-color, fun, grade-level phonics course. Publishers include Pearson & Sadlier Oxford.

-We're also making sure that READING material is provided in addition to phonics. Herein, you'll find 2 - yes, ma'am - two, brand new, embossed hard cover, Full-color, Student Texts by Pearson Education for your child, along with an Accompanying All-in-One Practice Workbook for reading skills and English study.

-A total ENGLISH GRAMMAR program is included for mastery of grammar related skills; nouns, verbs, sentence structure, etc. And, it too, is within the All-in-One write-in workbook by Pearson Education.

-Lets summarize Language Arts... Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, Phonics, Comprehension and more found in the All-in-One workbook to accompany 2 hardcover reading books - and a printed, wire-bound parent/teacher guide, 2 - yes, two CD/DVD ROMS for tests and more teacher guides. WOW! It's a bundle of Language Arts goodness!

-The usual HANDWRITING course is also a part of our Language Arts offering. This is a write-in workbook. Ideal for skills practice in handwriting - We're providing the standard traditional style course manuscript/cursive intro worktext.

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Folding File System (Grades 1-7), A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide...(& a nifty Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing is here too!)

Great homeschooling materials for great students!

2nd grade mastery and the smartest kid on the block!

What's better than that?