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Complete Deluxe Curriculum Package - 9th Grade

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A Freshman already!  Time passes so quickly!

Astonishing! That's how you'll describe your student's progress.

 (All of our bundles/packages contain SECULAR Materials. Secular = No bible-based content)

Our DELUXE 9th grade packages include the following:

-ALGEBRA 1 is on the course  agenda for this year. A complete Algebra 1 course by Glencoe.  This is a hardcover, full color textbook AND! a complete SOLUTIONS MANUAL.

Glencoe Algebra: Concepts and Applications presents concepts at a more deliberate pace and provides students with ample practice and reinforcement.


Just the right amount of reading helps students grasp and understand the concepts. Infographics convey concepts visually reducing the student's reading load. Other reading features include Reading Algebra, Words, Models, Symbols, and Communicating Mathematics.

Glencoe's Assessment Advantage includes Preparing for Standardized Tests. Two page reviews present strategies for solving problems that appear on standardized tests, proficiency tests, the SAT and the ACT. Each exercise set also ends with a Standardized Test Practice problem.

Your Turn self-assessment exercises appear after each skills-related example.

Hands-On Algebra bridges the gap between the abstract and the concrete.

Real-World Applications

Each chapter contains four Internet Connections: Data Update, Research, Review Activities, and Test Practice.
-A superb Interactive BIOLOGY course is part of your child's ninth year studies.
 New standards in science education are calling for the study of biology in the 9th grade and we're following those directives in our Deluxe packages. This is a gorgeous, full-color, brand new, 900+ page textbook by HOLT McDOUGAL. Includes 1-year On-line access for ALL of your teacher resources. WOW! is the only adjective for this course!
 An abundance of content to yield far-reaching results.

-WORLD GEOGRAPHY TODAY is the course text for use this year.
We're including an honors-style course, not some simple, low readability textbook like our competitors - NO!
World Geography Today's program provides rich content accessible to all students - with engaging geography, history, and cultural content.
By forming an alliance with The National Geographic group, who helped specify contents of this program, you can be assured of the highest quality!
Research based instruction alongside technology resources excite students. This course utilizes a brilliant, full-color, textbook covering Culture, Geography and History studies by Holt/McDougal . Exactly what your student needs to master 9th grade social studies skills.
Your student will be taking a tour of our world's cities and countries as their guide for learning.
AND... of course we provide you, the parent/teacher with an answer key.

-A LITERATURE/ENGLISH GRAMMAR/WRITING course found within a Full-color, Hardcover Textbook is included as your students' Language Arts Course selection.
This course includes:
-Student Textbook
-Answer Key

This awesome textbook contains all a student needs and more! for his/her 9th grade literary and English skills mastery. Grammar Practice, Usage and Application, Writing, Fluency, Test Practice, Literary Analysis, Vocabulary & more!
A total CLASSICAL LITERATURE selection will be at your student's beckon call.
This gorgeous Textbook presents classic and contemporary literature selections from authors representing a variety of cultural and ethnic viewpoints. An excellent Classical Literature selection is contained within this text. From stories & novels to drama & poetry - all found within this excellent textbook.
You'll be impressed! It's all here - Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, Homer, Thurber, Robert Frost, Wordsworth, H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, and many more famous authors!
The best products for the best students.

-OH YES! Our Standard & Deluxe Packages always consist of: A FREE gift for the student, A Full-Year schedule of all Core Courses, Record Keeping Forms, Report Card Form, Transcript Form, and a Teaching & Scheduling Guide,& a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing.

Unproblematic! That'll describe their Freshman year!

A trouble-free 10th grade - is looming large.

Some bundles may contain curricula modified specifically for homeschool families. At times, there may be references to print or digital components that are not included within the homeschool bundle - fact is - there is so much content there's no need for the digital component.

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