MCP Mathematics Level F Bundle/Kit - Grade 6


Bundle includes:

  • Student Edition - workbook format
  • Teacher's Edition

Could your students use more practice in basic math skills and strategies? Are you searching for an affordable math program that's easy to use? Then take a look at MCP Mathematics!

MCP Mathematics Levels Kindergarten & Levels A-F (Grades K-6) includes:
+Models for each lesson to help students learn concepts and skills
+Problem Solving lessons to introduce strategies for solving real-life problems
+Abundant opportunities for practice to ensure mastery of skills
+Chapter tests to help students prepare for standardized tests
+Field Trips (Levels A, B) and Excursions (Levels C-F) to help students practice critical thinking skills
+Easy-to-follow lesson plans to save you precious preparation time

Emphasizing basic math skills and problem-solving strategies, this math program provides students with the solid math foundation they need to succeed. A favorite among educators nationwide, MCP Mathematics consists of seven levels so you can provide each child with the right math instruction. These affordable texts are easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn and can be used on their own or as an outstanding supplement to any math program.
Independent practice helps children master key skills and chapter tests to enhance their test-taking ability.

The homeschool curriculum you have chosen has been thoughtfully developed and tested by seasoned professionals, to make sure your child receives the finest education.

Because You Know What Matters Most

MCP Mathematics is a seven-level, comprehensive math program to help your K-6 child develop a solid mathematics background. It is designed to encourage critical-thinking skills, active participation, and mastery of skills within the context of problem-solving situations.
The program features a developmental sequence, to introduce and extend skills taught in most mathematics curricula - such as number sense, operations, algebra, geometry, data collection and analysis, logic and probability.
The MCP Mathematics program is based on research, so your child will benefit from the solid approach to mathematical understanding. After being introduced to the lesson concept, guided practice opportunities are provided to get started. This is followed by abundant practice to help your child master the skills, and finally, apply their skills to problem-solving and enrichment activities.

MCP Math materials are thoughtfully planned to present the subject in a way that is engaging.
Each lesson builds upon itself, but provides flexibility so you can make it your own.

Teacher's Edition
Each Teacher's Edition begins with an overview of the program and a step-by-step walk through the Student Workbook and Teacher's Edition. This is followed by the lesson plans for each of the sections within the Student Workbook.
The lesson plans are presented in a two-page layout, with teaching instructions around a copy of the student pages, annotated with the exercise answers. Finally, the back of the Teacher's Edition includes alternative chapter tests, if your child needs additional practice with the chapter concepts.

Student Workbook
Each two-page lesson focuses on one main objective. The first page begins with a developmental model to get your child started.
The second page of the lesson provides practice and easy to follow, the SEE, PLAN, DO, CHECK process will help your child with problem solving by helping them understand the problem, plan a method to solve the problem, work through the answer, and check their accuracy. This is followed by a series of exercises for additional practice applying the problem solving strategy. Finally, Calculator lessons teach your child to use the technology, while reinforcing chapter content.

Assessments and tests are found throughout the course so you can monitor your child's progress and ensure he or she comprehends the material and extension of the lesson's objective. You can begin the process of individual mastery by assigning practice exercises.
That is followed by the Now Try This section.
Use these activities to extend the basic skill work, and to make learning the concepts fun, while challenging.
Additionally, there are activities in each lesson that focus on different problem-solving strategies.

MCP Mathematics includes detailed, 4-step lesson plans for all chapter lessons throughout the
program. The program is designed to cover approximately one lesson per day over the course of
180 days. The lesson plans are presented over two pages for efficient planning and instruction.

Finally, in the margin of the lesson plan you will find a section titled For Mixed Abilities. This will
offer guidance for providing additional instruction, if necessary, as well as enrichment activities and
ideas to further the lesson's concepts.
At the end of each chapter you will have the opportunity to administer a chapter test, as well as
a cumulative test to assess your child's comprehension of the chapter and course skills presented.
You also have an alternative chapter test at the back of the Teacher's Edition that you can use for
further review and assessment.

MCP Mathematics

  • Published by: MCP - PEARSON EDUCATION


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