AMSCO Global Studies Civilizations of Past & Present Bundle/Kit

Grades 7 thru 12

Bundle Includes:

  • Student Text/Workbook Combination - A Hardcover Text in a write-in format! - 529 pages
  • Answer Key

Ideal as a Middle level course for on-level students
or as a lower level - Basic - High school course

This text tells the story of how the peoples of the world lived in the past. Spanning Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and dealing with the major time periods of history, the book describes important human developments from the Stone Age microlith to the Space Age microchip.

Through this study of the past, students discover the foundations on which the present is based. By understanding common patterns of human experience throughout the world, students also prepare for their own future.

Table of Contents:

*Studying Cultures and Civilizations
*The Prehistoric Period
*The First Civilizations
*Asian Civilizations
*The Glory of Greek Civilizations
*The World of Rome
*The Middle Ages
*Islam and the Muslim Empire
*The Civilizations of Africa
*Early Civilizations in the Americas
*India and East Asia
*Europe: Renaissance, Exploration, and Reformation
*Political and Social Revolutions
*The Industrial Revolution
*Nationalism and Imperialism
*World War I
*World War II
*The Cold War and Other Conflicts
*The Changing World



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