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AMSCO Investigating Physical Science Bundle/Kit

  • Manufactured by: PERFECTION LEARNING

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Grades 8 thru 12

Bundle includes:

  • Student Workbook/Text (write-in soft cover - color)
  • Answer Key

This set provides a one-year course in physical science for middle or high school. The content is aligned with the new Physical Science Core and Component Ideas of A Framework for K-12 Science Education.

The language level of Investigating Physical Science has been kept simple to make the book useful in any grade.

Important scientific terms are boldfaced and are defined in the text. Other terms that may be unfamiliar to the student are italicized for emphasis.

-Every chapter begins with a set of focused reading questions. The introduction of experimental material, including measurement, provides the laboratory base that is critical to the understanding of modern science. Both the English and metric systems of measurement are employed in the discussions and in the problems. Carefully selected practice problems guide the student through some difficult areas.

-Chapter Review: All boldfaced science terms are listed at the end of each chapter. Chapter Review sections contains matching, multiple-choice, modified true false, short answer and essay questions that require critical thinking skills, and 'Take It Further' questions that require research on the Internet and include a career-oriented research project. In conjunction with the Literacy Standards of the Common Core, the 'Think Critically' questions stimulate the student to think, organize, and integrate the chapter topics.

-Investigating Issues in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Society Features: These special, thought-provoking, end-of-chapter features explore current controversial issues in a nonjudgmental manner. 'Think About It!' and 'Extend It!' questions encourage students to evaluate the issues and make their own decisions about the impact of science and technology on society and their own lives.

The Answer Key provides the answers to all the Laboratory Investigation Questions, Chapter Review Questions, and the questions that follow the Science, Engineering, Technology, and Society features.

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